About Triennial Conference


By this time you might have come to know about our forthcoming 21st All India Conference and General Body Meeting of Corporation Bank Officers’ Organisation (CBOO). You will be thinking now what is there for me in the Conference and why I should attend.

You are a member of CBOO and you want your organisation to function effectively in a democratic manner. CBOO has been functioning effectively as a democratic organisation for the past over four decades. The General Body meeting held periodically is an opportunity to air your views about its functioning, point out to the leadership the areas which require improvement and chart out future course of action.

If you are going to attend the General Body for the first time, it is necessary to know that it is a must for you to attend it. By doing it you are becoming a participant in deciding the future of your organisation. It also provides an opportunity to debate on the policies of the organisation and understand different perspectives on the issues. In every CBOO Conference, it is a practice that we invite a dignitary who is not connected with banking to address the Conference so that you can get a view from outside on banking and society.

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Welcome to MANGALURU

About Mangaluru

Mangalore is the second largest City in Karnataka. It is a coastal town with all the facilities of a metro. It has two railway stations (Mangalore Central and Mangalore Junction) with connectivity to all major cities in India

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How to reach Mangaluru

Being a popular city in Karnataka, Mangaluru is very well connected to other arts of the country by a strong network of rail, road and air. 'How to Reach Mangaluru' guides you with various means and ways to reach this city with ease.

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Places to vist Mangaluru

Mangalore is an important port city of Karnataka, which is best known for sun-kissed beaches, age-old temples, lush green gardens and lush public parks. For those who wish to spend a relaxing and peaceful vacation, Mangalore makes a perfect choice..

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